What is a Louvered Roof?

Rain or shine, hot or cold, a louvered roof makes any outdoor space an outdoor living area that's perfect for entertaining or relaxing all year long. With the touch of a button, the louvers can go from fully open to fully shut for the ultimate shade/cover solution. The aluminum louvers provide stylish, durable protection that will bring comfort, durability, and protection for years to come.

Create the Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment Area

Install an louvered roofing system in Lubbock, TX

We've all been there - sometimes you want to enjoy the warm summer sun, but other times you want some shade. You can get the best of both worlds when you get an louvered roofing system from Beyond Heaven Outdoors in Lubbock, TX.

These motorized pergola roofs can be switched from completely open to partially open to completed closed with the touch of a button. Get a free estimate for our louvered roof systems right away.

Our products

Our products

We always want to give our customers top-of-the-line products. That's why we work with louvered roofing systems. These systems:

  • Open and close easily with the touch of a button
  • Can hold up to 40 pounds of snow per square foot
  • Have been approved to withstand hurricanes by Miami-Dade County
  • Are made of powder-coated aluminum, making them thick and stylish
  • Entirely waterproof when enclosed

Don't cut corners when it comes to your pergola roof. Reach out to us today to get a high-end louvered roof system.

Available in a number of colors to match any home.

Available in a number of colors to match any home.

Contact one of our dealers to begin building the perfect roofing system for your outdoor space!