Improve Your New Home Addition With Aussie Rock

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Beyond Heaven Outdoors is dedicated to taking your outdoor living space to the next level with luxurious outdoor accessories. That's why we carry Aussie rocks, a durable stone capable of withstanding the worst weather Lubbock, TX can dish out. You can use these durable rocks for any exterior construction project you're working on. It even works beautifully as a pool fence.

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Get just the amount of sun you want

Louvered roof systems are a perfect addition to any home. With louvered roofing, you'll be able to control the amount of sunlight that enters your sitting area with the touch of a button. Louvered roofing systems are motorized pergolas that can be opened fully or partially, or closed completely, whenever you want. They are also completely waterproof and can withstand hurricane-level winds.

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What else can Beyond Heaven Outdoors do for you?

In addition to Aussie rocks and louvered roof installations, we also offer:

Artificial rock features - perfect if you're building a stunning waterfall for your pool, or a free-standing pond for your backyard

Beyond Wood products - a phenomenal wood substitute that is lighter and ten times stronger than real wood

Financing services - we'll help you set up a monthly payment option that works best for you

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